By Jace Jackson in Shotcaller Magazine

60 pages, published 2/2/2019

Check out our newest Shotcaller  issue.
"Best of Your Best". The top artist and their best work.

By Jace Jackson in Shotcaller Magazine

48 pages, published 12/16/2018

Welcome to Frosted. Its cold outside this issues will help you warm up

By Jace Jackson and Sara Alexandra in  Shotcaller Magazine

36 pages, published 11/15/2018

By Jace Jackson and Sara Alexandra in  Shotcaller Magazine

68 pages, published 10/16/2018

Halloween is our favorite month here at Shotcaller Magazine and our Thriller issue is sure to not disappoint! Spooky spirits and sexy monsters fill this special edition. Readers beware......

By Jace Jackson and Sara Alexandra in Shotcaller Magazine

58 pages, published 9/18/2018

What do models do when they are out for a night on the town? Well, find out in our NightLife edition! We also have everything you need to know about the upcoming Local Ambition season! Enjoy!
Shotcaller Magazine showcases the best models and up and coming talent in the country. Each issue is full of spectacular high resolution, compelling images and articles about all the things modeling and photography.
If you've got talent, and ambition. Shotcaller Magazine is your ticket to the big show.

By Jace Jackson and Sara Alexandra in Shotcaller Magazine

66 pages, published 8/16/2018

Summer is our favorite season! Water, waves, beaches and babes!Splash around with us!
Celebrity Interviews

 We are sure to provide our readers with the highest quality images from the best artists we can find. Modeling photography is a unique craft and it takes a team of dedicated artists to create each and every special image that we publish.

 We created Shotcaller Magazine to give them a place to brag and share their work with as many viewers as possible. We love the teamwork that is displayed, and over all, we love the drive and dedication we see from these talented artists.

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