Affiliate Program


In a world full of infinite choices and escalating technology, there is nothing more influential than great connections!


How can a Shotcaller

business affiliation

work for you?


Business Affiliates

Minimum Requirements:

  • Business must be a official business legally registered with a state. ( LLC, Type S or Type C Corp. etc.)
  • Business must be over one year old.
  • Business must be relevant to our business demographic and/or clientele base
  • Business must show proof of profitability (Income flow)​ or submit a short business plan outline for future company gains.
  • Business must have a functioning and up to date (URL)website. That website must be independent from and not hosted under any social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).
  • Fill out and submit our easy online AFFILIATE APPLICATION

Our message to you


Shotcaller Magazine is the top modeling photography, performance and visual arts magazine in the nation. We are continuously expanding our network and reaching a larger audience each month. Our numbers have just crossed the half million mark.

Having an affiliated partnership with us will guarantee that you will have access to the business connections you need , and free cross promotional advertising you deserve.

We promote ourselves as the best, and we only affiliate with the best. Businesses aligned with us have been scrutinized, thoroughly tested, and meet with our standards of excellence. We stand behind them as the top in their industry. We endorse their products and services.

If we are not confident in the product and do not feel it will positively help people, we will not promote it.

Individuals as Affiliates

Work with us successfully on a mutual collaboration, special project or SC sponsored event. Doing any of these, we can make an exception to exempt you from our minimum requirements standard.